To ensure the quality of our product, we only use first class equipment that we import from Japan, Germany and Holland. Additionally, we apply advanced production management, hold on to our strict quality control system and are in possession of the right certificates. Quality certificate: GSO/GCC, DOT, ECE, REACH, INMETRO, NOM, SONCAP, SMARTWAY, BIS, ISO, CCC. At Aplus, we are committed to produce and supply qualified tyres at a competitive price. And in addition, we only deliver significant service to our customers, establish a long-term and, most important, a stable relationship to develop and grow together.

With Aplus you can always

find a tyre that fits your needs.

The Aplus range

The overall assortment of Aplus consists of 10 patterns, available for PCR, SUV, 4×4 and LT. With 315 sizes in summer, winter and all season, we can offer you a wide range to choose from.